Short-term students exchange with Poland

Hi! I'm student of top-ranked Polish university in Carcovia. I'm looking for Spanish/Portugalian students who would like to go on short-term exchange. Rules are simple: Spanish students go to Poland (all costs of trip should pay your university) for example for one week, we can guarantee accomodation, eating, we will show you our city, university and culture and later we would like to visit Spain. We've made similar projects with many universites in all Europe (Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, France), but we can't find any contact with Spanish students. Please send me a private messange if your university accepts short-term students exchanges and you or your friends would like to visit Poland.
navid ha dicho:
Hi, for me it's not possible because i'm not in Spain for the moment.

But if you want, we can keep in contact for next year.

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Thanks for answer. You are welcome to students exchange in the next year, but maybe you have any friends at any Spanish university who could arrange exchange on spring 2011?


Hi. Try to contact to any "delegación de estudiantes de arquitectura". For example, in Sevilla:
Delegación de Estudiantes ETSA
Avenida de Reina Mercedes, nº 2 41012 Sevilla.
Teléfono: 954556582 Fax: 954556582
delegarqsvq [ad]
delegarqsvq [ad]
delegarqsvq [ad]

If you type in google "delegacion estudiantes arquitectura" together with Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, Santander, Coruna... I think you'll get enough contact info.

"Delegación de estudiantes de arquitectura" means "architecture students association"


PS: in any case, there are erasmus students in Kraków...